Vermont's Journey Toward Proficiency and Personalization 2018
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Vermont's Journey Toward Proficiency and Personalization

Educators talking with Educators

Pre-Symposium Session July 17, 2018

Symposium Sessions July 18 -19, 2018

Castleton University

Pre-Symposium Session, July 17: Measuring What Matters and Doing it Well” with Dr. Lee Ann Jung, Chief Academic Officer & Co-Founder of ASCD Student Growth Center

This session will address the question, "How can we measure what really matters most to students?" and explore ways to make classroom assessment more meaningful for students and streamlined for teachers. Participants will consider the measurement issues in assessment and grading that are causing problems with long-term student engagement and motivation and explore alternatives.  

2-Day Symposium, July 18-19:

The 2-day symposium will provide individuals and school teams the opportunity to hear how other Vermont educators and students are co-creating engaging proficiency-based and personalized educational environments. Attendees will have time to reflect and plan their own next steps. Educators and students from schools implementing this work will recount their transformational journeys toward proficiency and personalization. Over the course of the two days, participants will have the opportunity to attend five workshop sessions in the following areas:

  • Elementary School Proficiency
  • Middle/High School Proficiency
  • Personalization/Flexible Pathways
  • Innovation/Leadership/Building Capacity


$125 per individual/team member for a day-long session with Dr. Lee Ann Jung on July 17.

$200 per individual/team member for the 2-day symposium July 18-19.  

              Includes breakfast and lunch both days.*

$950 for the 3-credit graduate course built around attendance at the “Vermont’s Journey Toward Proficiency and Personalization” two-day symposium at Castleton University, July 18 & 19, 2018: Registration will be paid separately from symposium costs.

Course Description- Learning cooperatively, participants will build a comprehensive understanding of how to create a learner-centered, proficiency-based culture that enables students to personalize their own learning experiences.  Areas of study will include embedded formative assessment, proficiency-based, and project-based strategies that encourage students to: reflect on their progress against clear learning objectives; make choices around how, where, and when to access and demonstrate evidence of their learning; work with and learn from each other; and design and execute inquiry-based projects that involve an integrated use of learning in authentic contexts.  The course is designed for K-12 teachers.    *Limited to 16 people* Course for credit

*The Southwestern Education ALliance (SEAL) has subsidized the cost of this symposium for participants.

For Purchase Orders:

Make checks payable to Castleton University

Mailing address: 

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Hoff Hall - Attn: Brigette Olson

338 South Street

Castleton, VT 05735

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